V Square is elated to share their views about Cambridge YLE starters Courses which is a successful step of progress for early childhood to learn English in a correct way and to progress towards empowerment.

YLE Motivates children to learn English in an interesting model. It enriches the confidence of children to use the English they know. It enhances the children to gradually progress to higher levels.

YLE STARTERS examination is focused toward  7 & 8-year aged children to assess their LSRW Skills. YLE STARTERS is the first exam designed by the Cambridge English qualifications of three levels by Cambridge University for young learners. These exams help to improve their knowledge in speaking, reading and writing in the English language. YLE STARTERS helps to improve the child’s confidence and English language frequency. These exams are conducted by Cambridge University and the British Council.

Children who appear for the YLE starters examination will get an award with a certification counting 5 shields for each module such as Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

V Square is an associate of Cambridge University to train and register for Young learners English examinations. V Square is the right place to get your children groomed in an international way. Register with V Square by registering for an assessment and get your child’s language proficiency evaluated.

Course duration: 3 months duration.

Weekly: 2 session (mon to Sat).

Per session : 1.30 hour.


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