People who are interested in learning the symbols and sounds of Hindi, basic grammar, common words, can practice them in several different contexts.

If an individual is looking for something that is more basic, then try our class, which focuses on speaking and understanding very basic words and phrases. On the other hand, if you are looking for something more challenging, then try our higher Level classes which are for people who know the Hindi script and are looking to develop fluency.

V square partners with the HINDI PRACHAR SABHA to conduct training for examination such as Parichay, Prarthmic, Madhyma and Rashtrabasha in the lower level and visharadh to Praveen in the higher level.

V Square specializes in conducting speaking Hindi classes for the junior level and the senior level and gets the students certified by the Hindi Prachar Sabha. The trainers are highly expertise in hands on training and the content and the study materials are tailor made to the needs of the students and individuals.

Students can get trained and appear for examination and get certified from the Hindi Prachar Sabha, Which was an initiative of our father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhiji.

Hindi is considered as the most widely spoken language throughout India, it’s been very necessary to learn to speak in Hindi. Especially the people in working place were in need of speaking hindi to mingle with their colleagues also regarding business meetings and conference.

Many people learn Hindi for business purpose and also as having the interest in developing their language skill.

Speaking Hindi course comprises a 30 hour duration, Weekly three session from Monday to Saturday. This course has exam for which the Hindi Pracharsabha certifies for their speaking , its optional of taking up the exam.

This course enables Group classes as well as individual classes, also online sessions for people who cannot attend the classes face to face.The students can avoid travelling long distance and its on the wish of the candidate either to take the exam or not.

Course duration: 30 hours.

Weekly : 3 sessions.

Per session: 1 to 1.5 hours.


Course duration: 6 month

Weekly: 2 sessions (mon to Sat).

Per session: 1.5 hours.


Course duration: 6 months.

Per session : 1.5 hours.

Weekly : 2 sessions (mon to Sat).


Course duration: 6 months.

Per session : 1.5 hours.

Weekly : 2 sessions (mon to Sat).


Course duration: 6 months.

Per session : 1.5 hours.

Weekly : 2 sessions (mon to Sat).

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