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Learning the German language can be fascinating and has its own glamour quotient. In the worldwide 11th most spoken language is German with about 90 million native speakers. In Europe, 16% speaks German as a first language. German is the most spoken mother tongue, beating out Italian, French, Spanish and even English in Europe.

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Learning German can improvise the quality of one’s work and private life. Knowledge of German improves the job opportunities, priorities and options. Germany is well known for its High-quality craftsmanship and Engineering. Knowing the German language may open business opportunities. Understanding their work ethics can lead a long way in the world of Business.

Germany is also one of the top ranking tourism destinations in the world. If one loves travelling and exploring, learning German becomes a must because it allows one to discover much more of Germany than just common tourist spots.

V Square trains German with experts and native speakers. We check the proficiency level with an assessment based on which the level of the student is scrutinized. V Square does need-based training from the Beginner level to the advanced level.

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Course duration: 30 hours.

Weekly: 2 sessions (Mon to Sat).

Per session: 2 hours.

Total: 15 sessions.

A1 training:

Course duration: 30 hours.

Weekly: 2 sessions (Mon to Sat).

Per session 2 hours.

Total : 15 sessions.

School syllabus:

10/12 std.

Weekly: 2 sessions.

About the trainer:  Certified trainers. Experienced and eligible trainers.