Phonics is the course conducted for children to learn sounds of letters and to pronounce words starting from two letter words and so on… The motive of this course is to make the children read the words in a more proper way and to pronounce the words with correct stress and Intonation.

In English sometimes the different spelling gives same sound or the same spelling can be sounded differently to make the children learn this pattern is very important.  The way of pronunciation of each letter in English differs, that different sounds of pronunciation gives the word a stylish accent to make the children understand the different sound and to make  it by their own is the way of teaching that’ll be done in this Phonics class.

The classes will be very lively for the children to learn, the trainers part in this class is more significant. The role played by them is too interactive and make the children very active towards the session. The student will be provided with listening audio of how to pronounce words and repeating it makes them clear of understanding.

Course duration: 20 hours

Weekly : 2 sessions (Mon to Sat).


Course duration: 20 hours.

Weekly : 2 sessions (Mon to Sat).


Course duration: 15 hours.

5 days class.


Course duration: 20 hours.

Weekly: 2 sessions. ( Mon to Sat).

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