Key for school tests are an excellent pathway of stimulating children towards learning English in an interesting way. V Square trains students who wish to take Key English Test by assessing the student with the level assessment and after grading them admission is done by a procedure. Studying for these tests enriches your child and it’s an advantage to provide a pillar of a strong foundation for the future study and career opportunities.

Cambridge University is an established global provider of English language exams with a CEFR benchmark to assess the candidate’s ability with a standard in English language. These tests are designed to empower children to learn English in a progressive manner. Key for schools predicts and clearly exhibits that your child has mastered the basics in English.

Key English Tests are taken by thousands of people across the globe. This test aligns to the CEFR-Common European Framework, the international standard for describing language ability.


The candidates who successfully complete Key English Test will receive a certificate from Cambridge English Language Assessment. These certificates are recognized by thousands of leading educational institutions and businesses worldwide. V Square certifies the students with distinction, merit and a pass, as they receive the certificates from Cambridge.

Course duration: 3 months.

Weekly: 2 sessions (Mon to Sat).

Per session 2 hours.

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