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French (le francais) is a Romane language, belonging to the Indo-European family. French is the official language in 29 countries and it is the second-most widely spoken mother tongue in the European Union. A majority of the French-speaking population lives in Africa.

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FRENCH Classes Online

In the world, about 220 million people speak the French language as a native or second language. French language learning improves job and options in aboard for the students and individuals. If you are planning to go the UK, France for higher studies or job purpose then, it is important to know at least the basic level of French.


V Square offer comprehensive services in French for a variety of purposes. V Square Trains French language in 30 hours of A1 & A2 programme.V Square offers you good training with individual attention. It also offers you Flexible timings and Good Infrastructure. It also provides well-acquainted study material. Training is given a positive way to achieve your goal. V Square teaches you by trained trainers with small groups of students with Individual attention. The course fee will be Economical. The trainer will be Friendly & Knowledgeable.

We live in a global scenario, where employers are often in need of multilingual employees who are able to communicate with clients in other countries. Being able to speak more than one language makes an individual much more marketable, and increases the chance of getting the dream job. Learning a foreign language can also have a positive effect on enhancing one’s mental ability.

French is a language spoken in France. People learn French as they migrate to abroad. People learning French as their interest in developing language skills, as well as its also been usefull for them in their work place.

This level has 3 levels

Beginner Level

Beginner:30 hours duration / 1.5 month.
Weekly:2 sessions (Mon to Sat).

per session 1.30 hour

A1 training Level

A1 training: 30 hours duration / 1.5 month.
Weekly: 2 sessions (Mon to Sat).

per session 1.30 hour

A2 training Level

A2 training: 30 hours duration / 1.5 month.
Weekly: 2 sessions (Mon to Sat).

per session 1.30 hour

10/ 12 school syllabus

Weekly: 2 sessions (Mon to Sat).

per session 1.30 hour.

About the Trainer: Very eligible trainer, Certified trainers..professional trainer been placed for teaching thus provides brief and more intense teaching for the student.