In worldwide 13,000 plus organizations trust Cambridge exams such as FCE. FCE helps you to gain real-life skills for work and study.  FCE Tests are specifically designed to make students ready for success in the real world. Cambridge English uses real-life situations to help the students to communicate more effectively and learn the skills to take them to the next level of success. These exams help the students to study at foundation or pathway level, and work in an English- speaking environment, at home or abroad.


FCE exam certificates are accepted globally.

The exam is accepted as an upper-intermediate qualification in English by thousands of leading businesses and educational institutions around the world.

The exam is tailor-made to be fair to people of all nationalities and linguistic backgrounds and is supported by a dedicated research programme.


FCE examination assesses all four language skills (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking) and also knowledge of vocabulary and grammar. By preparing for the exam will motivate students to gain confidence and language skills to travel internationally, and get a job at prestigious Institutions and companies.


  • V Square trains the candidates in a unique way.
  • Individual and focused attention is given.
  • V Square provides wonderful course content supported by Cambridge study materials.
  • The ambiance is serene and Calm.
  • The trainers are friendly and knowledgeable towards their ways of approach in training every student.
  • V Square Caters to the needs of every student.
  • V Square trains students as par the CEFR Benchmark.
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