CPE is the Certification of proficiency in English, It is the exam focused on the C2 level of (CEFR) Common European Framework of Reference for languages.  Learning this level of English paves an easier way for academic life and for communicating at board level in International business. Learners of this level show that they are masters in English to an exceptional level


Many people who are planning for higher education abroad this CPE C2 level examination will be very useful for the students to meet the English requirement checking in Universities. The students don’t need to write any other exams if they were certified in this CPE C2 level exam.

C2 is the very advanced level of English learning. This level of their English shows their ability to speak fluently and majestically. This examination will also help the individuals during business meetings and also in their academic life.



  • V Square trains this CPE examination and also registers for the same.
  • V Square has trained trainers who had achieved mastery in English language.
  • The students are trained in a unique way as they could prepare for the exam as well as they can be able to acquire more knowledge regarding the English language from the trainers.
  • The trainers are more interactive with the students.
  • The trainers give space for the students to clarify their doubts relevant to the course.
  • V Square allows flexible learning hours.
  • V Square does face to face and online training.
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