BEC- Business English Certificates

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English has become a key skill for a successful career. Business English Certificates is an internationally recognized qualification in English for work. BEC exams are trusted by employers and Universities in more than 60 countries. These exams are tailor-made for young professionals and students around the world who want to enrich and improvise their job prospects or study business courses overseas.

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BEC- Business English Certificates

BEC examinations have become the intrinsic part of assessing the language training which is given to all frontline employees who have to deal directly with customers and clients. BEC exams have practical applications in day-to-day work and have given them the confidence in communicating with their counterparts overseas, as well as their clients.


BEC is now available in two ways, Paper-based and computer-based examination. One can take the BEC reading, writing, and listening part of the test on a computer using an easy-to-understand interface, while the speaking test is conducted face to face. The pen and paper version is also available. A computerized test makes it possible to have more test dates and to register much closer to the exam date.


  • BEC PRELIMINARY EXAMINATION is at the lower intermediate level, for candidates who have limited confidence in their English. It includes tests in reading, writing, listening, and speaking.
  • This course will have a duration on an hourly basis, depending upon the student’s ability to learn the course. It may take 30 to 40 hours, according to the student’s ability.
  • There will be 3 sessions per week from Monday to Saturday for the student’s convenience.
  • Timing will be checked and days will be allocated.
Course duration: 40 hours/2 months Weekly: 2 sessions.